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Rules and Regulations

Post  Mizaki on Thu Oct 04, 2012 1:29 pm


When registering for the website please have your account name be the name of your planned character. You do not have to do this but it will help everyone you RP with know your name and who you are. On the site there will be things such as swear, violence, and sexual themes so if you are opposed to any of these things you might not enjoy your stay.

Character Creation

When creating a character you are not allowed to have any relation to any canon character. This means you may not be related to them or of had any past contact with any of them because they do not exist on this forum. While yes canon clans are available to be joined to an extent you cannot have any connection to any canon characters. Follow the template for your character and you should be fine in the long run.

Canon Characters

There will be no canon characters on this site meaning no activities that have happened in the manga/anime have happened here. There is a custom storyline made up by the Admins of the forum that we will follow and we worked hard to make sure it was suitable. Try to keep everything your character knows to In Character(IC) experiences and don't bring in things you know from the manga/anime.

Multiple Characters

Short and sweet multiple characters as of right now will not be allowed this may change in the future.

Multiple Threads

Even though you only have one character Multiple Threads can make things confusing. Therefore your character should stay in one thread until its finished it keeps things simple and then you aren't getting confused on where your at or what you're doing.


When role-playing try to keep your spelling as correct as you can to avoid confusion. You do not have to use correct grammar in terms of commas and stuff like that because this isn't your English class and you won't catch me using them. While RPing with another person there will be no god modding allowed. You cannot control another character, auto dodge, instant kills or anything else along those lines. There will be a stat system in place that will factor into every fighting scenario the only way one person should be able to easily dispatch an opponent in one post or something is if their stats allow it.

Also Meta-gaming is not allowed this is when you know something that your character shouldn't but you act as if they should anyways. Other than that try to make sure your post is an appropriate response to whats going on and try not to veer off the RP unless it's going somewhere.


Relationships in the RP will be allowed you can date, like, or love anyone you choose in the RP. You can also make sexual themed threads but make sure to put a DND on the thread so people know what kind of thread it is for those who want to stay away. Yaoi and Yuri are both allowed so have fun with your imagination in these threads.


If you die in RP you're dead for good and can create a new character if you wish but nothing can bring you back. If someone randomly joins your thread and kills your or instant kills you your character does not need to die since they were either uninvited or cheating. Also you can not avoid death if a character you're fighting can easily over power you. It's best to only join threads with those around your level of stats if you know there will be combat so you don't run into this annoyance.


When killing a character it must be with the consent of both parties. Threads where there may be death involved should be titled as such so no one is surprised when they join it. No one has to die in these types of threads however it could make your RP more interesting when people know they run the risk of dying and losing their character and hard work.



There will be a guest friendly advertising center for those interested in posting their site. You could also post this site around for a reward that has yet to be determined.


The Mods and Admins on this site have power over the running of the forum but should not be abusing the power against any other member. If a mod or admin ask you to do something within reason just do it but if you have a problem with it you can voice your concern to me or any other admin.


Swearing is allowed especially in character but it is best kept at a minimum. Swearing to offend or hurt another member out of RP will be handled as the situation calls for it which can lead to a ban if severe enough. Swearing at another character in RP to offend him/her is more than alright though.


Do not advertise in the chatbox there is a section made for it so advertise there. Be respectful to everyone in the chatbox and the gesture should be returned. No mod/admin should kick or ban you for any petty reason and if they do you can inform me or another admin of it. Other than that the chatbox is just a place for everyone to hang out and chat so have fun with it.


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