Character Skills Template

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Character Skills Template

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Character Skills

Specialist/Sub-Specialist: Are you a Specialist or Sub-Specialist?

Specialist: With a Specialist character, your character spends all their time learning one trait or skill. They have spent their entire career thus far and will continue to spend their career honing and mastering the skill or trait and make it their own granting them more options compared to those who picked that skill or trait as a Sub-Specialist. When making your character this description should be deleted.

Sub-Specialist: With a Sub-Specialist character, your character has decided that only training in one skill as worth it as it may be is not for them. This type of character has decided to train two types of skill attempting to spend as much time on one skill as they do another, however they never get these skills to their full potential. They end up with characters who are trained with two skills and can perform them well but not nearly as well as someone who has spent their entire career honing one skill. When making your character this description should be deleted.

Elemental Affinity: What is your elemental affinity? If you are a Specialist in Elemental Ninjutsu pick three elements. If you are Sub-Specialist in Elemental Ninjutsu pick two elements.
Secondary: Only for Elemental Specialist and Elemental Sub-Specialist
Tertiary: Only for Elemental Specialist

Place an X in the brackets of the area/s you have chosen to specialize in then move to the next part of Character Skills.


Beast Mastery: []
Puppetry: []
Medical Ninjutsu: []
Sensor: []
Sealing: []
Kenjutsu: []
Clan: []
Elemental Ninjutsu: []
Taijutsu: []
Ninjutsu: []
Genjutsu: []


Medical Ninjutsu: []
Sealing: []
Kenjutsu: []
Taijutsu: []
Ninjutsu: []
Genjutsu: []

Everyone will start out with 60 exp. points. With these points you will split them between these six skills right below.


Chakra Control:
Specialist Skill: If you are a Specialist delete Specialist and put in the skill you specialize in then delete the Sub-Specialist, then add
Sub-Specialist Skills: If you are a Sub-Specialist delete Sub-Specialist and put in the skills you specialize in then delete the Specialist, then add


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