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Character Template

Post  Mizaki on Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:21 am

General Information

Name: This one's rather obvious
Gender: Male or Female
Age: How old is your character?
Village: What Village do you reside in?
Loyalty: Where does your loyalty lie? With your village? Maybe a friend or mentor?
Hitai-ate Location: Where do you have your headband attached?
Nindo: What is your ninja motto?
Clan and/or Kekkei Genkai: If you have a clan put it down here if you are not in one put N/A. If your clan has a special ability like the hyuuga, aburame, uchiha, yamanaka etc... write what the name of it is.

Character Personality and History

Personality: Put how your character acts, their attitude, likes and dislikes. Be creative, but make it so that you will make sure your character is real in that personality you want to make it open enough to where your character isn't for instance always brooding(unless that's how you want your character).

Description of Character: Describe everything about your character, how tall they are, how much they weigh, what they wear, hairstyle, color of hair, etc....This Part is Mandatory.

Character Image: If you have an image of your character slap it on here, but please use the spoiler so that there isn't always a large photo in your app.

History: Please go in depth and make your character come to life, go into how your character grew up, who were there friends, did your parents start training you at a young age or did you start training when you joined the academy, so on and so forth. Please put some effort into this, there is no requirement for how long it has to be, but I would rather you not throw a couple sentences down and be done with it.


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